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  1. Thanks a lot for the responses, I'll check out the other thread. Yeah, I'm reluctant to go for it if they can't prove it's been tested. It does appear to be quite difficult to find anywhere to buy one though, not sure if it's just a matter of waiting for one to come up on Ebay eventually.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a 16mm film camera and have decided on the Eclair ACL. I've seen one on the internet for sale however it's missing a battery. Would anybody be able to advise on how difficult it is to get the right battery for this camera or where you would get one from? The seller says that everything else is in working order, but I'm a bit hesitant since it's a substantial amount of money and I'm not sure how to verify it works before paying for it... I believe the model is from around 1970 btw. Any response would be greatly appreciated, Thanks a lot!
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