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  1. We're still trying to narrow down a forest
  2. Right now I'm leaning towards renting a few 300ds along with the 120d I already have. But I was also thinking of renting a low light camera like the A7s or Gh5s cause then I'd be able to use smaller and more portable lights. What do you think.
  3. I actually like that alot, how would you go about lighting that? I assume one light for the background and another for the key? As for camera, it might be a T3i for now.
  4. What do you guys think about renting a DS6. I know Shane Hurlbut used a 9 light to create moonlight and the DS6 seems to be the led version of that. Would that run off the generator I posted.
  5. So would I bounce all the lights from above or below into an Ultra bounce. I assume the ultra bounce would be an angle and also as high as possible? Now is this to light the overall scene,like background and characters? Or just the background? What do you guys think about a space light acting as a light for the background and a back light for the actor. Then another light as the key.
  6. Hi, first post here! I've got a student film that I'm aiming to shoot this summer. I'm gonna direct and light it as well. Problem is I have like maybe $1000 to spend on lighting a forest at night. I've read a few of the posts on the site, but they all seem to require expensive lights and generators. I was thinking of renting 2 Joker 800's or some Aputure 120ds and 300ds. Or either a Light bar like Shane Hulrbut talks about with daylight bulbs or a Kino flo with quasar tubes? And then a generator like this one to power it? https://www.homedepot.com/tool-truck-rental/2000W-Inverter-Generator/EU2000T1A1-705515/index.html I've been testing out day for night, but I really don't like the look. It looks too blue or purple, and you can't register any emotion from the actors. I mainly want medium and close up shots, and one running shot. I'm considering giving my characters a flashlight, but the problem is the that they're supposed to be running from the cops. What do you guys recommend for a student like me?
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