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  1. So many movies were shot on Tungsten film during the 1970s yet most of them take place outside, so why not use daylight balanced film?
  2. Can anyone recommend a good matte box for my C100 camera? I’ve seen tons of videos about them, but I’m still lost as to which box to pick.
  3. This is the trailer for the incomplete 16mm film I shot the day before the weather took a turn for the worse. Great news is that I got the look I wanted all while using every bit of advice you all gave me! I used a ton of inspiration from countless silent films while also mixing in my own style to create this picture.
  4. Im planning on shooting a double feature sometime soon on 16mm and I was wondering what the best film stock is for emulating the colors you see in movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Evil Dead, Etc.
  5. The ONLY good thing about this scanner is that it's affordable. Besides that, it's not meant for any type of serious preservation. I bought this when I was offered a job to scan priceless footage of Wisconsin and I ran into many problems with it: the film wouldn't be in the same place you aligned the camera when you hit the record button, the film would get stuck in the gate so I had many five seconds to hour long scans of just one frame, the recording quality was so bad I had to apologize to the client, the scanner will not play back the footage like advertised, and the list goes on and on. Unless you're just buying this to keep some footage alive, don't buy this.
  6. Good news: You all have provided me with ample bits of tips and information. I will definitely check into using better glass than the 18-55mm lens, I think that's what's throwing me off for the most part. As for the other tips I just have a few questions: why does C-Log cause so much artifacting? Also, what's the advantage of an external monitor compared to the LCD flip screen? Finally, I just want to thank all of you for providing me with your knowledge of this camera. It's fairly new but I'll get used to it's learning curve like I did my D3200.
  7. What are some ways I can make the most out of my Canon C100 MKII? I've shot a few micro films on it, but I feel like I may not be using the camera to it's full potential. I watch test videos on Vimeo and they look incredible, but when I shoot I feel like I could get a way better image from my Nikon D3200.
  8. I'm going to shoot a short silent horror film this fall and I'd love to capture the feel of an old print that's been dragged through Hell and back. My two questions are: what would be the best frame rate to use and how can I get a blown out look like you'd see in a film from the very early 1900's? Should I overexpose the film or ask the lab to mess with the print?
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