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  1. JackJacks 12 hours ago Hello forum! I've been tasked with lighting this room, but i am on a very tight budget & I am unable to rig lights in the ceiling and the lights have to be as far away from the walls as they are tall (higher the lights are, further away they have to be). We will be shooting mainly looking in the direction as shown in the image with a 32mm on 35MM SENSOR. I am really wanting quite a moody, backlit look which i don't think could be achieved from using the existing overhead house lights (series of daylight & tungsten florescent tubes as pictured). I am planning on using two Joker 800w Leko lights rigged at the opposite end of the room (about 80ft away) bouncing off the end flat section of ceiling (white) to create what i hope to be a shaft of soft backlight? What sort of illumination would this give me and how could i supplement this light (possibly low laying Astera Titan Tubes, was a thought) whilst adhering to the 'rules' set out as listed in my first paragraph? Or any alternatives to Jokers that could give me the reach to the back, being able to shape the light & a bigger punch of backlight? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Jack
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