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  1. Using the rotating filter set up is a great idea! I haven't heard of this trick before. This may sound naive, but I think I would be OK with adjusting the anamorphic every time I need to change focal length on the 8-48mm lens. But I will give it a try. Thanks much, Will!
  2. Greetings all! I am ecstatic about beginning shooting on Super 8 film. I have been doing 35mm still photography for a little less than a year. I love analog. Super 8 seems like it is going to be a great format for me. I am acquiring a Nizo 148 xl, which has a fixed schneider-kreuznach variogon 8-48mm;1.8 lens. Technical projects I want to work on: Getting an anamorphic rig to work and processing negatives via C-41 protocols and processing reversal film (tri-x). I have already found a great thread about processing tri-x and color negatives should be easy enough. I have seen many threads about shooting anamorphic with Super 8 on this forum, which has been very helpful. Here's what I am worried about: getting the anamorphic lens adapted to the fixed zoom lens on my Nizo. I believe the filter thread diameter on the zoom lens is 49mm. Kowa anamorphics Seem to be good for these small lenses used on Super 8 cameras.I was thinking of getting a Kowa 16-A, which has an outer diameter of about 39mm. They seem to be afordable for me on ebay. The 16H is apparently better, although I am not sure why. I have also thought of getting an SLR Magic, which would need to be stepped down, as the outer diameter is 52mm. Any thoughts, suggestions? What are some recommendations for getting this kowa to work with my Nizo? Good ways to provide support for the lens once fixed to the camera? How should I be calculating aspect ratio and optimum focal lengths to set the zoom lens at? I have seen recomendations, but I'm not sure how these values were deduced. Thanks is advance! This is going to be fun
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