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  1. You can use Loban(frankincense its called as per google)..Here its an industry standard,it gives out a bit thicker smoke compared to haze machine,Its safe to breathe..Its cheap. You can even put some in the bonfire if need be.
  2. Yes Sir,but I wanted cleans shadows (shot it at 200 iso and HFR -100fps)it picked up lot of noise. So in future if I have to under expose with a A7s2(or any other camera) for such shots how do i go about it..expose it normally or +1 and bring it down in post or make some changes to the profile. Thank you for your responses *namaste
  3. The production house told me that material to be graded so i shot it accordingly,but talking with DI doesnt seem to be that experienced. The look I wanted was to just highlight the tone and shape of the muscles ,I lacked floppies and neg so i underexposed it.
  4. Thanks for the reply.But these are the people I am dealing with.He also told me the detail is lost there and cannot be recovered(small patches of noise) Any advice as to how I can avoid it in future? Over expose then bring it down in post? or change my blacks?choose a different profile. Is this the same with ARRI and REDs?
  5. Hi, I had an opportunity to shoot a body builder for a short documentary/story. This was a guerilla and i was just packing 2 - 1x1 leds. I wanted to underexpose the shots to get that cut light to shape the muscles. The shots picked up a lot of grain in shadows losing detail This was shot with cine4 gamma black gamma range wide level +4 black level +2 color mode pro shot at 200-400 iso with canon 16-35 and 24-70mm on HFR mode. The editor was like these shots cannot be used. https://ibb.co/dTb5v9 https://ibb.co/h5ab2p https://ibb.co/fRpfTU https://ibb.co/h7C0TU https://ibb.co/cbBuoU https://ibb.co/jeAXa9 https://ibb.co/fvo2a9 https://ibb.co/iV5ha9 Do I need to expose the image normally and then bring it down in post? What am I doing wrong ? What do i Do if I have to underexpose properly in future.
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