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  1. Wait a minute! This can't be processed in E-6? Not even cross-processed in some of the available versions?
  2. I really kind of like that idea. And certainly cheap enough! Could get 8 and fill a 400' reel. Or maybe just 4 and fill a 200' one. My old home movies are all on the 400' reels, though, so it is tempting :rolleyes:
  3. Oh ... WOW! That actually looks like a potential winner. He says he's stored the film in the "Fridge" since the 70's-90's. Not frozen. Any experience with how well that would last if shot today?
  4. I was thinking of that, but the only color reversal I found was 100 iso. Not bright enough in there, unfortunately. I do like the idea of a portable light setup though. It is both impractical and will make me look ridiculous. I am quite tempted to go that way I’m seriously considering trying b&w: cheaper and more flexible for low light. But I was really hoping to capture that old 70’s-80’s color home movie vibe
  5. Hey all! For this holiday season, I was thinking of digging out the Super 8 and shooting some home movies. I thought it would be a fun idea to get the multiple cartridges spliced together and watched on our old family projector this year like our family used to do. Only thing is, there will be a lot of film shot in indoor lighting and I'd like to use higher speed film as a result. Only film I know of that can deal with indoor lighting is the Kodak Vision, which is a negative film. I reached out to Spectra, my goto motion picture developer, and they said they can't make a reversal prin
  6. It's just a regular Kodak Magazine 16. No other model number. Lens is just the basic 25mm. Hmm, something is causing jams randomly. Was working then not. Pull out, put in and it works again. Then jams again.
  7. Actually, I have 2. Now that it works, I was going to get about 5 or 6 more and load them. I bought an old 50ft take up reel for the non magazines so I could measure out the correct size in the dark. But I really wanted this camera to work. It is the smallest 16mm camera I’ve found by far — about the same size as an 8 and it has the dual benefit of being able to hot swap for different film stocks on the go. Admittedly, however, I was so concerned with getting the film magazine working, I completely neglected the focusing lens is quite stiff, so I’m trying to get a little bit of oil down t
  8. Oh my good lord that did it!! I have a working camera!!!!!!!! I did not realize the closing latch wasn't connecting. Thank you!!!! Now I can get some real single perf film and put it in here. A nice, small 16mm camera I can use for family vacation.
  9. Sorry for the delay. I made a short vid, but something happened with the sound, so I'll have to remake it this evening before posting. Stay tuned
  10. Michael, the counter resets and holds when I pull it back. Pavan, I'm attaching a pic, if this is what you're referring to.
  11. Nope! I pulled the gate back and it screwed back on perfectly. Out in the mag and wound it up. Would not move when I released the catch I changed the threading to the threading in the picture above. It DID work with the original, much more convoluted winding. But something is stopping it from moving now. Ideas? Is there an additional modification I am missing?
  12. That is an incredible video. Thank you. I’ll give that a try tomorrow and report my results.
  13. Additionally, here's what I've been able to do so far. The canister matches the picture perfectly. For testing purposes, I'm using the film already in the magazine, which is double perf. But this is what the top looks like.
  14. Ok. I rethreaded the film that it came with like it is shown in the picture. I am not getting the gate part or the pressure plate part. I see that there is a catch/snag somewhere. I assume this is the part attached to the lid? It appears to be riveted in, not screwed in like the cover. Do you recommend breaking the rivet? How should I reverse it? Or am I looking at the wrong part entirely. Thanks. Highly encouraged by what I’ve done so far.
  15. Holy cats!! That would be a yes, then! I may have to make an attempt!!
  16. That’s an interesting idea. There’s a battery version and a non battery version? Can I manually adjust either without power?
  17. An introduction: Hi!! I'm Elie in Mansfield, Ohio. I'm not a filmmaker, but I have an interest in very old cameras. I recently came upon a number of old double 8 and 16mm cameras and a few super 8's, and, in addition to the working with old still film cameras, I thought I'd try and learn to use some of the 8 and 16 cameras. I'm experimenting with the 8's already, and I want to get the 16 working for a family vacation in a couple months. My question: I was disheartened to see the 16's, which require the Kodak 16 magazine, work with double perf film only. I'd been trying to see if ther
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