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  1. Hello everyone :) I am looking for different tips to give texture to the light. I am really looking for something other than the smoke machine that we use all the time. The result to obtain in my case would be a kind of suspended dust like in old castles, in the light of a window. What do you use ? Thank you !
  2. Hello :) I wondered how a scene supposed remaining in low light had to be exposed to anticipate effects of pyrotechnics without the effect being (too) clipped? Do you assume it or do you try to decrease the contrast ratio at best ? So far in SDR, the clipped effect seemed more or less accepted as is but I have the impression that with the HDR and its latitude capabilities, this is no longer the case. Yet an explosion is too bright to not be clipped. It's like filming the sun, no? I would like to understand :lol: How do you do it? Thank you !
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