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  1. Yes, it seems like getting a vintage camera might only lead to further problems. I found a pretty good deal on a 16sr, but decided against it since bayonet mount lenses are few and far between, and extortionately expensive. I was planning on buying some C mount lenses for the NPR, but I suppose for 16mm Double X one should probably use the highest quality optics available. I think I might call around and ask for rental prices on a 16sr3. I suppose the reliability of a rental camera will negate the need for tests, and probably produce a much cleaner image, thus saving money in the long run.
  2. I did consider that, but the shoot might be fairly long for a short film - perhaps 4-5 days. Rental for cameras like the 16sr3 are around 400 pounds per day (from what I've seen), and decent lens sets can be even higher (I use the example of the 16sr3 because I specifically want to shoot on standard 16, not super 16) . On top of that, I'd probably need to do various tests prior to filming.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to shoot a short film on 16mm in the near future, and was hoping for some recommendations of cameras to look into. Bearing in mind that I have to consider other aspects of the shoot, including lenses, I'm willing to pay around £1000. Some features I'm looking for are: Consistency in registration - one thing I've learned from watching various tests is that the results of a given film stock can range from professional to unusable depending on the precision of camera movements. Sync sound - I'm not worried about the volume of the camera itself, since I'll most likely dub dialogue after filming, but I was hoping to use a simple field recorder on set to make the dubbing process easier. Obviously this won't work if there is too much frame rate deviation. Ability to hand hold/shoulder mount. Ease of maintenance - considering that I'll be investing quite a bit of time and money into this project, I'd like to have any second hand gear checked over by a technician without too much cost/hassle. So far, the Eclair NPR is looking like the best bet, but I'd appreciate any other suggestions.
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