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  1. Hello, Has anyone came across any websites that have a catalog of lighting diagrams and breakdowns. I find these very fun to look at and see what other DPs have done to light certain scenes. I have came across some sites that only show the diagram and not the final results. Cheers,
  2. Thanks Stephen! This is great. Like you said ambient readings are straight forward. I looked online for zone system metering a found some good stuff. The only trouble I see is there are no videos on the zone system for film/video. I would like to see how you would put this into practice on set. Any ideas?
  3. Hey guys, I just got a light meter and I'm loving it. Where are some good places online to learn how to advance my knowledge on better using the light meter, primarily learning about LUX or FC. Thanks, Victor
  4. Hey everyone, so I just looked on the ASC site and noticed they offer a masterclass. Has anyone taken this class before? Any thoughts. Thanks,
  5. Hello, I just finished helping a friend of mine with a shoot and the DP on set had two tools with him. One being a light meter and the other one I couldn't figure out what it could be. He would take a reading with the light meter then he would take this tool out of his pocket and a green light would flash and then he would look at it, then adjust the film camera. I thought it could be a pocket camera but I have never seen it before. Just looking to see if anyone knows what this might be. Thanks,
  6. I wanted to know is there any good lighting resource material that anyone would recommend? I know that experience is the best teacher. I'm looking for books or videos to show how to manipulate light to get the look that a director is looking for? Thanks,
  7. I really like how that looks as well. So what kind of glass do you think was used?
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