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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, and for the correction. Should, of course, be muslin, embarrassing spelling mistake. Your suggestion definitly will help!
  2. Hi, a short introduction to me and my problem. I'm currently studying Cinematography in London, and have the possibility to shoot a scene in a small soundstage at Ealing Studios. I would like to try working with a massive soft light, basically put up 6x6m of Muslim and then light it from behind. It gives me (in my opinion) a very nice light spreading over the set, but I have some problems controlling the light and shadows. The scene is interior, with daylight streaming through the windows. My question - Any tips on direction? Top? Side? The set has 3 sides, no windows. - Any tips on how to light large Muslims in order to create a great toplight in the set? Shooting 5K from behind? 5K from the front (bounce)? Several 2Ks? - Any tips on how to control the light direction? I want to achieve a beautiful light on the actors. Can I work with lighting only parts of the Muslim? Flag parts of the Muslim? My main concern is shadows and creating a shadow side. - What additional lights / negative fill would you use in order to enhance the soft light? Any information is to great advantage to me! Inspiration is Hoyte Von Hoytema's lighting on the film Her (2013). Thanks /V
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