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  1. I wanted to throw out a question to the right crowd. Is there an appropriate video tape cassette camera that could capture a resonable and somewhat cinamatic image as an alternative solution to a say super 16 camera (to fit a budget). Is this genuine footage perhaps that could be filmed by something like the Panasonic M10 VHS camcorder? Please give us your thoughts/expertise. Many thanks!
  2. As little as possible (that's perhaps an obvious answer). I'm aware the budget makes a big difference on the project. But rather be discussing everything else at this stage I just want know more about the process. Or are you saying its expensive to learn?
  3. Hi I'm sure this post is trying to cover a very broad topic. I want to learn more about workflow with film cameras. I would like to know what film cameras (which will hold up a cinematic image, rather than quirky indie styles) are available to the enthusiast such as much myself. How to operate and use one and everything else required to do this, what film stock to use, ect. And then I guess how to professionally digitize the film? An arbitrary extension to this, what is the digital format film is stored in? For example, what would Christopher Nolan do with I Max film, scan in all into raw files and edit it from there ?? Is this possible for one man to do on a small scale? I've formed this post on my limited knowledge so far in cinematography with film. I'm looking for some guidance here to aid my investigation so any input to inform anything I can take from this post will be very much appreciated. Many thanks, Joel I haven't found an all encompassing resource yet.
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