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  1. Great point Mark! Rather than going too heavy on that soft, bloomy quality, I’m really looking to lower contrast. Another element of the Vertigo screen grab that I love is the subdued nature of the colors, and I feel like I see a tint of brown in all the colors. I’m really after that. Some of the tests I’ve seen with stockings do render a similar color palette, but are often too heavy on the glowy effect.
  2. First off, thanks so much for weighing in on this David. Your generosity on this online community is astounding. I was coincidentally just looking into Glimmer Glass today. Do you notice a marked difference in the results from promists vs. glimmer glass?
  3. Thanks so much Akos! This is a great resource! I do have access to a few filters through NYU (though no opportunity to test prior to checkout!), since I'm a student there. They mostly have a range of black and white promist, along with ultra cons and glimmer glass. Any thoughts on these vs. stockings, or pairing multiple filters together?
  4. Hi all. Excited to ask my very first question on this forum! For an upcoming short, I'm trying to achieve a pastel, somewhat low-contrast color palette in a bright daytime exterior, very much like the attached reference image from Vertigo. Being a micro budget project, I don't have the opportunity to pre test a bunch of filters or lenses. Any recommendations on filtration for this reduced contrast, slightly blooming look? For the project, I'm using the Ikonoskop A-Cam DII. I own this camera, and the colors from its Super16 Kodak CCD sensor feel inherently pure and dare I say film-like. I'm pairing it with oldish glass, the Cooke 9-50 Varokinetal (T2.5). I've rented this lens before and it is not only affordable but renders a very creamy three dimensional image. I've attached a sample I shot with this configuration, no filters. Just need to turn that into something less contrasty, more talcumy, more "vintage" for lack of a better word. Thank you! Jall
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