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  1. Selling my Steadicam AERO 30 package (Gold Mount). Includes Pelican Storm iM2975 Case and two additional balancing weights. Purchased from B&H back in March 2018 and used with my RED Weapon/Zeiss CP.2 lenses on a couple projects. Absolutely love it and still in excellent condition, but I'm cleaning out the gear closet. All pictures below are of the actual gear (Pictured C-stand and Gold Mount battery NOT included). PURCHASED PRICE (MARCH 2018): $5,750+ $5,250 - AERO 30 Arm, Vest, and Gold Mount plate $250 - Pelican Storm iM2975 Case $250 - Custom Foam ASKING PRICE: $4,500 (NET) Buyer pays shipping. Gear is located in Oklahoma City. INCLUDES: Steadicam AERO 30 Arm and Vest 7" SDI/HDMI Monitor Camera Plate and screws Zephyr Vest 2 x BNC Video Cable Mini-XLR Monitor Cable 10 x 0.25 lb Balancing Weights Gold-Mount Battery Plate (Includes D-Tap) Docking Bracket Pelican Storm iM2975 Case with custom cut foam Description from B&H: The Steadicam AERO 30 Stabilizer System includes the heavy-duty A-30 Arm with Vest, and a 7" 3G/HD-SDI 1000 cd/m2 monitor. It supports camera setups up to 20 lb. The system features a detachable sled base for easy storage and transport, and a two-section carbon fiber post extendable from 22.5 to 35.5". In addition, it comes with a Gold Mount battery plate.
  2. By far my favorite filmmaker gathering has been the Film + Music Conference put on by the Musicbed and Filmsupply family in Ft. Worth, Texas. Their 2017 event was the first one and I'll be attending 2018 as well. It was crazy inspiring, really well put together, and I got a chance to connect with a ton of people I've met online or in person over the years as well as make new connections. Totally worth the price. Masters in Motion (Austin, Texas) was a great place to meet with filmmakers, but expensive (for me); I've been a couple times. I've been out to NAB a couple times and was honestly disappointed. Great to see all the gear in one place, but I had a harder time trying to connect with filmmakers vs. "people looking for gear." Plus you have to deal with being in Las Vegas... I've not been to Cinegear or Cameraimage, but they're both on my short list.
  3. A couple weeks ago the wife and kids were out of town a few days and I made it a point to be out after 8pm. That's a freakin' double rainbow covered in unicorns around here so I lined up a shoot with an absolute BEAST of a dancer I met through Instagram named Emmett Prince. He's a dance student at the University of Central Oklahoma and was up to shoot around downtown Oklahoma City after dark with a couple complete strangers. Shot on RED Weapon Helium and mostly existing light. (There's more over at tannerherriott.com/blog/2018/6/18/after-8pm )
  4. "You could always make bike shorts if your idea doesn't work out." To the nice arts and craft store lady who sold me a couple yards of Spandex: Thanks for not tripping out when I showed you some weird reference images and then asked me to come back later show what I ended up making. I'd been looking for a way to reproduce in camera some ghostly looking reference images I'd squirreled away. The internet told me I'd need to shoot through some kind of transparent layer so I started experimenting with different types of plastic diffusion and fabrics. I was looking for something translucent and would look interesting on camera when you touched it. Fairly certain I'm late to the cool-kid's party, but turns out shooting through backlit white Spandex fabric made an interesting thing. All the footage used in the edit is straight out of camera; No color correction, grading, etc. There's a bit more of a breakdown and more stills over at the blog if you're up to check that out - tannerherriott.com/blog/2018/6/25/spandex
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