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  1. Hi all. Quite a few posts since my last visit. Great to see people are still interested in film! Edward Nowill is the guy in London who carries a selection of B&W film. He says he hasn't had any colour stock in for a while. However, he can reperf film into D8 format. He can recut some films into D8. Eg he can cut 35mm offcuts into 16mm,D8 etc. This is what the guy on facebook had done. He bought some film ends and sent them to Edward who recut and reperfed them. If anyone wants his full details, please let me know. I have bought some B&W stock and he is great to deal with - a very nice guy. Regards Carl
  2. Hi. I have a few of these lenses and they could all do with cleaning as they have dust particles inside. As they are the smaller D-Mount lenses, I would imagine the dust must be impacting on the image. Does anyone know how to clean one of these? Has anyone ever taken one apart? I cannot find any servicing information on these. Thanks for any help anyone can offer. Kind Regards Carl
  3. Rob, I bought some off a guy on an 8mm Facebook group. Sadly he has none left, as I recently asked him. I have 3 or 4 rolls left. This guy told me there was someone in London who has the machinery to reperf film into various formats. So if you had any film lying around, he can turn it into usable D8 film. I don’t know if he is doing it anymore, so I have emailed him directly and asked. I will report back when he replies. It would be great to get people up and running with colour film again! Regards Carl
  4. Mark, Parcel2go is one of them. There are loads of them. Its kind of like a search engine to find couriers (a bit like the car insurance comparison websites). You are given a massive list to choose from. DPD, UPS,DHL etc all seem to be linked to them too. Worth keeping in mind! Kind Regards Carl
  5. Yeah, but who uses parcel force these days?! I have sent 2 cameras to Singapore in the last year and it has cost around £15 each time. Russia would be £25 maybe for 2 Kilo parcel? Which is why I'm hoping for something cheaper! Regards Carl
  6. Thanks Mark, but I am hoping not to pay such crazy amounts for shipping. I don't understand how someone thinks £53 for postage is reasonable! I am hoping someone has one tucked away that they might be willing to sell for a fair price. Regards Carl
  7. Hi. Its a real longshot I know, but I'm hoping someone may just have a lomo style tank they aren't using anymore and would like to sell? I would like to start developing B&W film from my Double8 camera. Thanks for looking! Kind Regards Carl
  8. Hi Sebastien. I am also a D8 user and have a Bolex C8 with a few lenses I have collected off ebay. I have been filming for about a year or so and mainly shoot colour negative, which I have scanned and then edit on my computer. 8mm is great as its reasonably cheap and the results are certainly good enough to make movies for family and friends. Also, practice makes perfect and it is cheap enough to allow you to experiment. Have you shot a test roll yet? I found it quite exciting when I got my first scan back and you see that everything is working! I also love the idea of bringing these old things back to life. I have bought a few 8mm books very cheaply off ebay too and these have helped a lot with the basics. Hope this helps! Regards Carl
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