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  1. Hi Nick, Thank you. Ocho y Pico, does appear to be responsible for very high quality scans. Thanks for the advice. (I wish I could afford to send a sample for scanning & grading to multiple labs and see the difference in results). Thanks very much all for your continued advice. Nicholas
  2. Thanks Pavan, have you had any experience with either of these labs? How did their Super 8 scans and colour grading look in your opinion?
  3. Hello everyone, If this has been covered in a previous post please link, I was unable to find much on a few cursory searches. I am requesting advice or suggestions for a good lab who I can send Super 8 cartridges to for processing, telecine, and most importantly good quality post and colour grading. I am based in the UK (London). Normally I rely on someone local who hand-process the film and does all the post for me. I have always been very happy with his work, but I'm interested to see what kind of results I can get from a 'lab'. I am aware of Andec in Berlin ( andecfilm.de ) and
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