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  1. Here's some interesting details about Top Gun 2's production from a guy called Grug on DVXuser.com: "They've gone with the Venice for a number of reasons. One being the detachable sensor block - which allowed them to squeeze a previously inconceivable amount of image quality into the cockpits of these fighter jets (think of it as the fanciest dash mount you've ever seen). Another being the effective global shutter of the Venice (I'm still confused as to how it's not a "global shutter", but also not a "rolling shutter", but whatever weird techiness lies behind it, it's effectively a global shutter (I tried an insane wobble test on one, and there's zero perceivable skew - so as far as I'm concerned it's a global shutter). And when you're using things called the 'CineJet' to capture air-to-air footage, that's apparently useful!"
  2. Thanks for the replies, guys. Really appreciate it. I'm more pumped for the movie even more, especially for Claudio Miranda's cinematography. This. Cafe' Society and Wonder Wheel are absolutely beautiful. I guess my mindset when I first posted about this was skewed due to the Alexa being Hollywood's go to camera. But that has changed now. More and more guys are starting to use the Venice. Was wondering if it was the best camera for the job, and if it was competitive with the Alexas. From what I've read from you guys, the Venice is pretty great. And it's the best camera for the job due to its form factor, global-ish shutter, and detachable sensor. I'm now fully confident that Top Gun 2 will look kickass. Claudio knows how to get great looking footage out of Sony cams more than anyone else. And thanks for understanding and putting up with my naivety, guys. Just a film/cinematography newbie excited for Top Gun 2.
  3. The upcoming Top Gun sequel is being shot on the Sony Venice based on this photo. https://twitter.com/BRUCKHEIMERJB/st...33006822612992 If I'm not mistaken, it will be the first feature shot on the Venice. Claudio Miranda is the DP, which brings me to my questions: 1. Is the Venice/Claudio Miranda the best fit for this type of movie? Miranda's work with Sony cameras (Oblivion, Tomorrowland, Tron, Only The Brave) are beautiful but a bit on the cold side. Can he switch up his style and go for the warmer, more summery/punchy look of Top Gun? 2. And is Claudio Miranda better off using the Venice then say an Alexa LF or Alexa 65? 3. How does the Sony Venice fare in producing a filmic, cinematic look compared to the Alexas?
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