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  1. Hi there, A number of you have messaged me about the lens and serial number. The serial number is: 601076 I just received the lens from Paul at Visual Products. I sent the lens to him to give it a once-over. I am not a lens expert, and I wanted to make sure that I'm representing the lens accurately to anyone interested to purchase it. He wrote: "Cooke Deep Field Panchro: The lens performs well. There are scuffs/cleaning marks on the rear element. Coverage is (minimum) 24mm x 36mm still frame." Photos here: https://www.rokobelic.com/cooke.html Thanks! Roko
  2. I have a beautiful Cooke Deep Field Panchro 100mm lens with an Arri Standard mount. It makes super sharp images. Light scuffs/cleaning marks on rear element. Coverage is (minimum) 24mm x 36mm still frame. Best offer. I'm hoping around $3500. If you're in Los Angeles we can arrange for you to inspect it in person. Lens is being sent to me this week from Visual Products. I'll post photos when I receive it.
  3. Hi Ruben and Samuel, Would you mind sending me an email so I can get in touch with you guys independently and not drag this thread out? I'd like to ultimately get on the phone with each of you for a few minutes to find out about your experiences with the NPR. So far with mine I've only shot some title cards for a short film (the rest of the film was shot with an Arri 416) and a couple test rolls. Curious about if you've used your NPRs for narrative work, any shortcomings in terms of noise or battery life or difficulty focusing on the fly etc. Samuel, did you have to modify your eyepiece at all to see the entire Ultra 16mm frame? Ruben, is your NPR regular, super or ultra 16? You can email me at: Roko@wadirum.com No sweat if you're not up for it, of course. Thanks! -Roko
  4. Thanks you guys. Indeed, Girvan at Abelcine, Jorge Diaz and Andree Martin do not work on Eclair NPRs or Beaulieu cameras. But Paul Scaglione at Visual Products in Ohio is very knowledgeable about the Eclair and up for the task. I'm sending him my camera next week. VERY nice guy, by the way, and super helpful. Visual Products (440)647-4999 Also, Björn Andersson <info@beaulieu-service.com> has been helpful with advice on the Beaulieu. Thanks again! Roko
  5. Thanks guys, Vince, your logic is sound. Neither Andre nor Jorge work on these cameras. I'll check with Girvan at Ablecine. Thanks again. Roko
  6. Thank you Tyler and Samuel. Yeah, it's hard to believe there are only two experts --- we're not that old yet are we? Is everyone else really gone? It wasn't that long ago that this stuff was standard. Maybe I am getting old... Thanks again guys. I'll let you know what happens with the cameras.
  7. Thanks so much Robin. Much appreciated. -Roko
  8. Hello, Does anyone know of a camera technician in Los Angeles who works on 16mm cameras, specifically Eclair NPR and Beaulieu? I need someone to remove the ground glass, mark it (with a pencil is fine), and replace it in an Eclair NPR camera that's already been (partially) modified to super 16mm. The eyepiece has an issue as well, where one side of the frame is cut off, I assume because of the lens re-centering in the super 16 conversion. The image on my test reel looks great, but my framing was off because of the inaccurate ground glass markings and eyepiece problem. Also, I have a Beaulieu 16mm clockwork camera and need to figure out why my focusing has been occasionally off even though I've got the eyepiece diopter calibrated - at least the way I think it needs to be calibrated. I'm looking for a camera technician in Los Angeles who would go over the camera with me and possibly convert it to Ultra 16mm. The Eclair has been to Bernie O'Dougherty who gave it a clean bill of health, but he was too swamped to do mark the ground glass. The cameras and I are in Los Angeles. Thanks for reading and considering this! -Roko (brand new member)
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