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  1. Thank you !
  2. I was thinking upgrading to a C200m2. But the new Sony FS9 look quite interesting. I mostly do one person shoot and I think the Face AF is interesting. And the FS9 is interesting also for more high-end work. What do you think ?
  3. Thank you for the info ! It is a good point for the light outside. I think I will shoot from a different angle and keep just a little bit of windows to show some "space".
  4. Hi, I'm new to the world of cinematography. I'm wondering what would be the best simple 3 point lightning, to shoot an interview next to a window (2 meter distance). I'm looking for something that look like a bright natural day, with the light "coming" from the window. I was thinking about: - A big diffusion on the left (frame side) - A bounce in front of the person - a back light also coming from the left side Thank you !
  5. Hi, I'm wondering, what type of shoulder rig do you use with your Sony a7 (or a something).. I'm always wondering if I would be better just shooting handheld, since it figure out a nice setup with my sony a7, for a shoulder rig. Thanks !
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