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  1. Thank you. Yes it make sens to invest in something that will grow with my career.
  2. Hi, I'm mostly doing corporate videos - 80%of the time I'm working alone or in a 2 person team. For now, I have a mirrorless camera (A7s2) but I'm ready to upgrade. What do you think of the FX3 over the FX6 ? Besides the ergonomic that look more interesting in the FX6, I found that the ND that is a big plus in the FX6. Is there any good variable ND that are as good as the internal ND of the Sony FX6, FS7, etc. (In my type of work and don't have the time to work with square ND) The https://www.polarprofilters.com/products/pmvnd-edii?variant=32789908750420 looks interesting (not just because of the branding lol, but because there is fix ND stops) Also, does a FX6 is a better investment in the long term (5-6 years). Thanks !
  3. Hi, I would like to create a natural daylight look. I want to bounce light from the side and I'm wondering what is the difference from: A bleached muslin VS a white table cloth (the one this use in restauration, that is very white and a little bit shinny). Or do you have any recommandation for DIY bounce ? Here is the look I'm trying to accomplish.
  4. Thank you !
  5. I was thinking upgrading to a C200m2. But the new Sony FS9 look quite interesting. I mostly do one person shoot and I think the Face AF is interesting. And the FS9 is interesting also for more high-end work. What do you think ?
  6. Thank you for the info ! It is a good point for the light outside. I think I will shoot from a different angle and keep just a little bit of windows to show some "space".
  7. Hi, I'm new to the world of cinematography. I'm wondering what would be the best simple 3 point lightning, to shoot an interview next to a window (2 meter distance). I'm looking for something that look like a bright natural day, with the light "coming" from the window. I was thinking about: - A big diffusion on the left (frame side) - A bounce in front of the person - a back light also coming from the left side Thank you !
  8. Hi, I'm wondering, what type of shoulder rig do you use with your Sony a7 (or a something).. I'm always wondering if I would be better just shooting handheld, since it figure out a nice setup with my sony a7, for a shoulder rig. Thanks !
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