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  1. Thanks for the help. The film is Kentmere (owned by Illford) 100, the camera is a Debrie Parvo Model L (which does not have a gate punch). I'm planning on having it scanned. So the lab shouldn't have any trouble with it?
  2. Hi all: I'm shooting with a recently acquired hand-cranker. Due to its awkward magazine capacity (390ft), I decided to use a 100ft roll, intended for bulk loading purposes for shooting stills, that I had lying around. The film, however, requires Illford chemistry to process. I haven't been able to find anything on whether any lab will process this, or if I'll have to process at home with one of those LOMO 100ft tanks. Would anyone know anything about this? Will
  3. I opened up the front, but the shutter is enclosed in it's own "box". It is sort of visible if you just remove the lens and look through there, but the widest angle I could get it (it is adjustable via a knob on the front of the camera) where it was still visible and measurable was 85 degrees. Since the best estimate of the widest shutter angle is 160 degrees, I'll have to try that and see how it turns out. According to this website, 160 degrees at 16fps is 1/36. (As has already been pointed out to me, but it still is a useful site)
  4. Hi all: Im planning in shooting with the Debrie Parvo ā€œLā€ camera. I need to know the shutter speed at 16fps in order to meter correctly. I have only been able to find very limited technical information on this camera. Would anyone know anything about this, or have an estimate?
  5. I purchased one a couple years ago as a display piece. I wanted to try and shoot with it, but discovered that there was only one magazine. I'll try to find some online collectors groups and see if anyone can spare a magazine. On a side note, a modern core will not fit into the magazine. Would I have to spool the film onto the Debrie core in a darkroom, or is there an adapter available?
  6. I've scoured eBay, forums, and 5 pages of google results. Nothing so far. I know a guy that dabbles in old movie cameras but it's very unlikely that he'll have any magazines. Perhaps there's some place I haven't looked?
  7. Hi all: I've been looking through the manual for the Debrie Parvo "L" camera. "434" in the diagram seems to be pointing to nothing. At least I can't tell what it's pointing to. Can anyone help with this? Manual link: http://www.cineressources.net/consultationPdf/web/o000/304.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwios9LQjvXjAhWcIjQIHeN6C2IQFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw2SMsScpRtlxg_X16y0zOem Will
  8. Hi all: I have been looking for a magazine for the Debrie Parvo "L" for quite some time, with no luck. Would I have to find an original magazine, or is there something more recent that will work with this camera? Will
  9. Oh, I have plenty of those lying around. Woult you have any idea as to where to get the hand crank for this camera?
  10. Hi all: I recently acquired the DeVry 16mm camera (which I'm told is less common than the 35mm version). It is missing the lens and the hand crank. Not sure which mount this camera has. I haven't been able to locate a crank for this camera. Any suggestions?
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