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  1. The Tripod just sold last week. Also the CANON HJ22ex7.6B Lens. Everything else is still available. thanks
  2. Production Company selling off gear. Best Offer for all or part... CANON HJ11ex4.7B Lens CANON HJ22ex7.6B Lens Panasonic AJ-HPX3700 Varicam Panasonic AJ-HPX2700G Panasonic AG-HPX500P P2 cards OConnor 2575D tripod system All good condition. Pics available.
  3. Selling our OConnor Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head and Tripod Holds up to 90 lb. Conveniently located controls (pan and tilt brakes) at camera operator's side (left side) of the platform enable ease of operation. The platform also houses dual scales for counterbalance, and sports 4 handle rosettes that allow left or right hand operation as well as mounting from the front or rear. An intelligently placed, soft handrest enhances the Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head's ergonomic design. Rapid pan movements owing to the fluid drag system that allows the camera to move from one position to other very quick
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