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  1. Thanks for the replies, everyone! This is a lot of useful information.
  2. I just got an Arri 16s and I'm looking for some lenses. So far the only ones that I can find with Arri standard mounts are Schneider Xenons and Angenieux zooms. Is it possible to use an adapter on the 16s for lenses without the standard mount? Also, does anyone have any recommendations for some Arri standard lenses? Thanks!
  3. That makes sense because I have noticed that the mirror is pretty loud when it spins. It makes a noticeable clacking sound. I'll take a look at it with the lens off like you said. Hopefully the mirror shaft isn't bent because that sounds like a complicated fix. Thanks for the information!
  4. I recently aquired a K-3 that's been modified to super-16. It also has a Tobin crystal sync motor installed. However, whenever I run the camera at 24 fps or 12 fps (the only two speeds on the motor), the image in the viewfinder is quite jumpy and blurry. Could this be a problem caused by the recentering of the lens/mirror? Or perhaps the speed of the motor is off? All help is greatly appreciated.
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