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  1. Reduced from Original Asking Price: $3800
  2. Magliner 9" Monitor Tray In Excellent Condition Priced at: $140.00 Steel Black/Chrome 15" x 10 5/8" x 3 5/8" Please Text if interested: 760-505-7011 Thank you
  3. Freefly MoVI Controller In Excellent Condition. Focus Knob Label Ring Full Control over Pan, Tilt, Roll, Focus, Zoom and Iris. MoVI Controller RP-SMA Receiver Controller Aux Power Cable (for powering 2.1 barrel accessories like monitors) IDX P-VS2 V-Mount Battery Plate with integrated Power Cable Tripod Mounting holes Priced at: $3100 Please Text if interested: 760-505-7011. Thank you.
  4. Freefly MoVI Pro Gimbal In Excellent Condition Also Included: MoVI Pro Ring 2x MoVI Pro Batteries 2x MoVI Pro Battery Chargers 2x Carbon Fiber Rods with Mounting Adapter 2x Ignite Digi Solution Extension Arms... Allowing it to Mount Longer Lens. MoVI Hot Shoe Mount (Canon 1DX Camera and Canon 24 - 70mm Lens sold separately.) Priced at: $4500 Please Text if interested: 760-505-7011 Thank you.
  5. Freefly TERO Camera CarRemote Controlled Vehicle for 3 Axis Gimbals.Is a Completely Unique way to move the Camera.Allowing for Extremely Dynamic Low Camera Angles utilizing a Full 3-Axis Stabilizer.Agile Movements.Quick Resets.Brushless electric motor drive with Vibration Isolation SystemCapable of speeds of 30+ mphIncludes RC Radio Transmitter for ControlPowers by 4S or 6S BatteriesLength: 31” Width: 18” Height: 10” Weight: 20 lbs Included:Freefly TERO CarController1 4S BatteryPriced at: $4400 Please Text if interested: 760-505-7011 Thank you
  6. CineMilled PRO Dovetail for DJI Ronin-M and Ronin-MX Priced at: $75.00 Brand New This is to Mount Larger Cameras or Longer Lenses Please text if interested: 760-505-7011
  7. DJI Ronin - MBrand New! Priced at: $650.00Incredibly Compact and Light!3-Axis Camera Stabilization Gimbal that holds a variety of cameras, giving you smooth, stable hand-held footage.Batteries not included.Total weight of 5.07 lb.Support cameras up to 8 lb.Precision of Control: ±0.02°Tool-Less Balance Adjustment SystemTransmitter for Remote Pan/Tilt ControlSilent mode for quiet operationUSB and Power Tap Power OutputsAssistant Software for iOS and WindowsBluetooth Wireless Interface for SetupPlease text if interested: 760-505-7011
  8. The Minolta Color Meter IIIF is a top-of-the-line professional color compensation meter for ambient and flash with correction value memory. This makes it easier for photographers to maintain consistent color under various types of illumination. Priced at: $575.00 Brand New Condition The meter measures the color of the light illuminating the subject and determines the filtration required to correct that illumination for the film in use. When measuring both ambient light and flash, selecting the Color Meter IIIF's analyze function will subtract the ambient light and display only the measured results for flash light. Top-of-the-line, reliable, professional color meter Measures ambient light and flash Provides filtration readings for two types of filters: LB (Light Balancing) and CC (Color Correction) Analyze function determines measurement values for only flash light in mixed flash/ambient situations Measurements Can Be Taken for Any of the Three Major Film Types Daylight (balanced to 5500k) Type-A Tungsten (balanced to 3400k) Type-B Tungsten (balanced to 3200k) Measurement Results Can Be Displayed Several Ways As light balancing and color compensating indexes As Kodak Wratten filter number and CC index As photographic color temperature (determined color temperature based on film sensitivity) Kodak Wratten Filter Readings Display of Kodak Wratten filter numbers makes selecting filters quick and convenient If two Wratten filters are necessary, the Color Meter IIIF displays both numbers. Color Meter IIIF users can store their own personal correction values for the recommended filtration Correction values for LB and CC indexes can be stored in any of the meter's nine memory channels to custom tune meter readings for the desired color reproduction The correction values are added to the initial measured values to calculate the final displayed results Please text if interested: 760-505-7011
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