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  1. There might be some ambient light from windows and from some tungsten bulbs cos we're shooting in an office environment and not a studio, but the windows will be relatively far away and I figure the keys will overpower them both anyway so they won't be too much of a problem. The office will not be in the frame. So let me see if I understand you correctly: - Would the cross-light setup you described in (1) be similar to the setup I described in Option 2 in my initial post? With the 2 keys on either side of the camera in front and 2 back lights on either side of the backdrop? - For
  2. Sorry about that! So the idea is that they'll start by looking across at each other, shake hands and while shaking hands, they'll turn to the camera and smile. It's a rough approximation, but yeah #2 is probably right where I want it to be, just not too far back that it's covered by #3 in the frame. I'm not particularly locked to the idea if it ends up being to cumbersome to light, so it could very well end up as two separate shots - maybe a wide one for the looking across, and another slightly tighter shot for the hand shaking and turning to camera?
  3. Hey all, I'm fairly new to grip work so I'm a bit stumped by this. So I'll be shooting this scene involving 3 subjects, all of which are situated behind a table with a black backdrop behind all of them to act as a background. It's just going to be the one wide shot, so the camera will be positioned dead centre in the middle of all of them. I've attached a photo complete with my expert illustration skills showing the placement of the subjects in the scene. So I'm looking for a lighting solution that can efficiently light all of them using as few lights as possible. The overall look
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