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  1. Good day, Madison Young Your post is very informative and I see that you have obsession with those LUTs. However there is a chance that those LUTs are custom made and it is impossible to purchase them. In your position the easiest solution would be to purchase LUTs from the company that uses them. However there is a high chance that they would refuse that or you shooting conditions would make those LUTs impossible to use. But there is another way to follow. Not go for the LUT, but go for the look instead. As far as I saw on the videos there is a high contrast with blown shadows and highlights. It is possible to replicate those grades and create a LUT based on this data with a bit of tweaking here and there. I could help you with that as I am working as a colorist. Recreation of the look from a reference is something that I do almost on a daily basis. Get in touch and we see what we can do with this LUT investigation.
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