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  1. Looking for a good deal on some pre owned items. (in EU) with invoice. - red touch screen (dsmc1/2) - EF mount - mini mag 256/480/512 - mini mag reader Please send offers with pics per email to: chrommillenium (at) hotmail.de thank you
  2. Also interested in - Red 6k Weapon MG All offers per email please to:chrommillenium (at) hotmail.de
  3. Looking for any cheap Alexa with 4:3 sensor package, EU only. Also interested in a good deal on a scarlet-w brain. (also EU only) and following accessories: (just brain is fine too) - scarlet-w brain - mini mags / reader - touch screen - EF mount All offers per email please to: chrommillenium (at) hotmail.de
  4. I'm located in Europe, currently in Romania. Looking for a good deal on a sony F65. Need one with the SR-R4 recorder and preferably with an SR-PC4 or SR-D1 and a dual battery adapter. Firmware should be up to date. Please contact me with an offer at my email address : Chrommillenium (at) hotmail.de
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