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  1. (I realize this fits better in Business Practices, but that section is pretty dead.) I am based in LA, and after several years of non-union DP work finally joined Local 600. In another cinematography.com post, David Mullen ASC states "The union (IATSE Local 600) allows its members to work on non-union films, no waiver needed. Technically, though, a member is supposed to tell the union what they are up to so the union is aware of non-union production going on." I still have a lot of non-union job offers, and my concern is that if I notify Local 600 of an upcoming non-union project, they'll get in touch with the production company and try to coerce them to sign a contract. I realize that's a good thing for workers in the long run, but if that were to happen, these production companies would most definitely not call me in the future. There are plenty of non-union DP's (especially in LA) willing to take that work. Is there a situation where I can take non-union work, without jeopardizing my standing with IATSE, and without the production company getting strong-armed into a contract they'd rather avoid? Or should I consider my non-union work over?
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