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  1. Thanks for the info: this clears things up!
  2. OK cool, i think I'm getting this... So theoretically, if Spielberg says use a 21mm lens (and he's shooting on film, not anamorphic). that would be similar/close to me using a 21mm on a sony A7R3 in crop mode or a 14mm lens in FF mode? Thanks
  3. Question: Lets say Spielberg uses a 21 mm lens on a S35 sized reel of film, now if you take that 21mm and attach it to a full frame DSLR, does that give you an equivalent of a full frame sensor with a 16mm lens on it (assuming a 1.5 crop factor)? Is a 50mm photo lens (for full frame cameras) the same as a 50mm for real cine lens (made to be used on film)? Thanks Pete
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