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  1. Just curious if this will affect the boom of LED lighting. Was going to buy some more Lupo stuff like their faux fresnels and whatnot. I wonder if there will be an outcry from performers or unions, etc: LED Light Can Damage Eyes, Health Authority Warns
  2. What up Adrian! Thanks for the info man 🙂 and thanks everyone else as well!
  3. Hello, I am putting together a camera/grip/lighting package for low budget productions, and I am planning on buying 2-3 LED light fixtures, ideally something that takes the place of a Fluorescent DIVA 400 or 2ft 4 bank Kino. What would you recommend? I see there are a bazillion Kino Flo LED fixtures, just want to buy something that is popular and well reviewed. I also have a sweet deal available to purchase some 2ft 4 bank fluorescent fixtures, but wondering if it's even worth it if I'll have some LED fixtures in the kit, as in people may not want to mix those lights, thoughts? Thanks
  4. Hello, Some of my DP friends swear that shooting 24p, then speeding up in After Effects by dropping frames to simulate an undercrank, is just as good as undercranking in camera. Others say they can tell if it was done in post. Won't After Effects produce a different result if you try to simulate an undercrank of 12fps, than if you actually just undercrank 12fps? Or will they look exactly the same?
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