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  1. Thanks. Ok then I wont do that. Yes I already own some m42 lenses that i have used for stills. Maybe I should just comit to those witout worrying. I am not a big fan of zoom in the middle of a shot myself, but I would prefer not bringing so many lenses around. Especialy since this is more a hobby camera for personel projects. I do have a 50,85 and looking for 35. Any suggestions for an even wider lens?
  2. Thanks Ruben. Yes I did buy the camera already converted. I do also have the original ring it was converted from. Do you think the lens will work normally if I change back? Thanks for the diopter tips! I will try it and shoot a few new test rolls.
  3. Luigi. Yes the viewfinder was set to my eye. I Did test it today with a similar lens. I Also did put my lens on the other camera and I could not find anything wrong with it. However I did tighten the pressure plate towards the gate and the film locks in a bit more. Could it be that there is nothing wrong with the lens, only that the film was a little bit loose? Could this shake it out of focus? Thanks
  4. How did you adjust the pressure plate? The screw that keeps the spring in place? The backfocus I can work around using other lenses, but it would be great to have a zoom in working conditions.
  5. Hi. I do have multiple problems with my k3 camera. First it looks like the backfocus on the standard 17-69 zoom lens is a bit off. Its hard to see this in the viewfinder but I can clearly see it in the scanned film. Does anyone know how to adjust the backfocus on these lenses? I dont think any of the local camerahouses can do it on this mount. You could see it in the first 30 seconds of this clip. Its a bit hard to see this in the viewfinder thats why I did not see it during takes. And I also had some problems with the test roll. I did use mutiple frame rates, 8-24-32-48 when shooting this and scanned it at 24. From aprox 00:30 the probem with the film appears. Does anyone know what this could be? Or could this just be the film not alligned correctly because I jurked around with the frame rate? https://vimeo.com/306043963 Thanks
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