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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering how this commercial got to its final look: Link: #HeyMom, thank you! Made by Google My assumptions are that they used some sort of softening filter, ie: Hollywood Black Magic or Classic Soft, and/or haze in some shots to get its nice soft/velvety image. Another way could be shooting wide open since most lenses are a little soft wide open. But I'm wondering what anyone else would do. Thanks in advance.
  2. I was listening to Good. The Podcast and the interviewee is Sean Porter (Green Book, Kumiko the Treasure Hunter) and he mentions how in the past some cinematographers were able to get work because they own a cinema camera package. After listening to this my friend and I are interested in investing in a package. My friend wants to invest in an Alexa Classic - mainly due to budget - but is it really a good idea to buy one in today's market? I know that having work experience, lighting knowledge, networking etc really help to get opportunities but I'm wondering from other's experiences if owning a camera package vs not owning one has really affected work opportunities? Thanks in advance.
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