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  1. Sounds great thanks ! So do you think its an item that I could actually buy from these rental company or they use them quite often ? Just checked on ebay or google, not much to be found unfortunately. Do you know anyone that would have try it before on a SR1 by any chance ?
  2. Thanks~ Actually I never shot spherical... I shot anamorphic since i have begun to shoot few years ago. At that moment there was no desqueeze on the atomos for the gh4 so i have the habit to frame and - double- focus with the 2X stretch. I tested it well with the K-3 recently, but in more pro camera I found the viewfinder way darker... less easy to use anamorphic.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for the possibility to use an ARRI SR1 in regular16. I'm shooting with a custom made anamorphic kit adapter 2X. I read somewhere that it is possible to adapt the 2x viewfinder from a ARRI 35BL into an ARRI SR1. If anyone would be knowledgeable about this. One question would be if this is even do-able, and another question will be how I can buy it and have it mounted on the Arri SR1. (not interested by video assist etc..) Thanks. Matthieu
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