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  1. Arri MB-16 4x4 Matte box for 19mm rods s/n 1026 H-C Selling Price $2000. Has two 4x4/4x5.65 trays including one rotating, geared tray. Also one 4.5” Round filter can be used in the rear rotating reflex ring/bellows. The matte box has a Swing Away arm to allow for faster and easier lens changes. Most Super 35 format primes as wide as 18mm will clear the box. Many S-35mm format zooms will clear. Includes: 2- 4x4 trays 1- 4x5.65 geared tray 1- Geared tray grad filter adjustment whip 1-
  2. Harris-Chewning, Inc. is a production rental company in North Carolina with many years of service and dependability. We rent LED, Kinoflo, HMI and tungsten Lighting. Grip trucks from 1 ton to 4 ton. Cameras and support gear: Arri, Sony cameras, Alura, Zeiss lenses, monitors, etc. Harris-Chewning, Inc. 148 Stancell Drive Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919 942-7997 http://www.harris-chewning.com
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