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  1. Bernat, that's a really interesting one. I had no idea we'd created see-through printing paper, definitely gonna order some and try this! Thank you!
  2. Good to know, Dan, thanks! My handwriting isn't the best, so I prefer digital stuff when I can!
  3. Yeah, I would use marker for the info that's constantly changing, but I like something semi permanent for the info that tends to remain the same. I was interested if there was any creative ways to make designs and text. I tried transfering a printed design with tape, but it didn't come out at all!
  4. Hi Phil, Ever a great presence on here, thank you! Good to know about the clear tape. I was wondering. All the best, Alfie
  5. I was wondering how ACs create clear/see through labels to stick on the slate? Info such a the films title, director and DPs name. Without getting a custom board made of course. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi Phil, Thank you for your reply! Interesting, the feathers sounds good, as they wouldn't stick like chalk and would make less of a mess. It would only be for one shot anyway. All the best, Alfie.
  7. Hi there! Any ideas on how to create dust in camera? The particles you'd see floating in the air in a close up when backlit, in a dusty room. Not sure if right thread; it was this or lighting. Thanks, Alfie.
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