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  1. Have you tried (lightly) forcing the dial around, by pushing it up and down (sliding/shifting/moving it on the camera's side plane)? In my case, the dial was completely erratic but after doing this a bit, running the motor for some time, and letting the camera rest, it started working quite nicely. It still changes speed if I push the dial around, but if I select the speed and press it downwards, it works fine.
  2. I push (slide, shift) it slightly downwards after rotating the dial to the wanted speed, and it seems to work fine. If, instead, I then push it upwards (before or when filming), it changes speed irregularly: sometimes keeps the wrong speed, sometimes goes back to the correct one.
  3. Update Apparently if I push the speed dial downwards, it seems to spin at the correct speed. I will therefore not try to open it after all! Here is another source on how to open the Canon 814 XL-S and 1014 XL-S, for future reference: http://super8wiki.com/index.php/Canon1014XL-S:_how_to_disassemble
  4. Update I found this Japanese repair guide for what seems to be my problem (or a similar one): http://www.nakanocam.com/8mm_page/canon1014xl-sfps.html The disassembly does seem quite difficult, but most importantly I don't understand the most important part, i.e. what's wrong with the dial, and what to do to it's contacts in order to fix it! Again, any idea would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello, I recently bought a Canon 814 XL-s that seems to be in mint condition externally. The only visible issue are the seals around the cartridge compartment that are ruined and falling off. But upon trying it out this problem arose: Problem: The film speed dial works erratically. Sometimes the motor will spin slow, sometimes medium, sometimes fast (about 0.5, 1.15 and 1.5 rounds per sec) independently of where the dial is pointing, but changing if I push it around by shifting it or pressing it lightly. The Slow-mo button always works, instead. I still have to try other functionalities such as fades, preset bursts and changing the shutter angle. I'm guessing it's just a problem with the selector's contacts... I've heard these are not so easy to reach, but then perhaps a little contact cleaner might be enough. I've only opened some Nizos, this seems a little more complex, and I found nothing online... Any ideas on how to reach these contacts, or about what else it could be? Thanks!
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