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  1. Hi all, I am looking to buy a 16mm camera. I have not set my mind on a particular type, so am open to explore. SR3 seems a very reasonable option. Love the 416 but seems rare and expensive these days. Anyone trying to rid themselves of their celluloid kit? Thanks! Seppe
  2. Hello, I am considering using the Leica Summilux-C lenses on my next project (a TV series) but might need a bit of zoom action going as well. Has anyone done tests for which zoom lenses cut best with the leica's? At the moment I'm leaning towards the large range of the angenieux optimo 24-290mm. Cheers, Seppe
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had a play with the Scorpio FFA lenses. Anything you could share about the experience - maybe footage of the results? Cheers!
  4. waw! Intense stuff man! Just to clarify, that image is from the 2014 movie Boyhood. I would say it is done practically with light, but I am not sure. Other example could be this frame from the 2005 film Constantine. I feel this might also be practical but would love to hear anyone that knows more about it.
  5. Hi all, I was wondering what your takes are on shooting in a red light-only environment; ei. a darkroom. I hear that in the digital world it is wise to keep all 3 channels healthy and create the look in the grade. It goes a bit against my instincts - preferring to have the set and the monitored image to be as close to the final look as possible. Anyone here have experience with this? What are the pitfalls of doing it practical? Any examples of either process? Much appreciated! Seppe
  6. I am looking into large format these days. The question came from the director I'm working with at the moment - and is the following: is there anything gained from using lenses with larger image circles then your sensor? I was suggesting to shoot on the Leica R lenses for various reasons - he asked about the hasselblad whitepoint lenses - presuming they are better cause they cover a 65mm imager. When thinking about this I realized two different bits of information came to mind: my instinct is; the more the lens' image circle exceeds the imager's size, the less quality will be lost towards the edges of the image - lenses perform better in their center and then gradually degrade as you move away from the center. I have also heard people express their believe that you should match Image Circle with imager size - the argument being that this way you get to see the lens' full image, full range (from sharp center to softer edges) "nothing is lost". Is there anyone out there that has tested different IS lenses on LF/FF formats? Did you see any pattern in terms of the relation between IS and size of the imager? Is it just a matter of taste; if you want inperfections 1=1, if you want very consistent images on which the lens is consistent from edge to edge then go 2 vs 1 or even 3 vs 1 (like a 65mm lens on a 16mm sensor?) Many thank! Seppe
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