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I'm a retired gaffer in Palo Alto California.  I have been liquidating my equipment slowly for 3 years  but wish to accelerate this process and hopefully help those who are just getting started or building out their business.  The majority of equipment I have left is suitable to a small studio/ sound stage or to use on temporary location events.  Please check out my website, commons productions.com,  to see what equipment I've got left.  Prices quoted are ridiculously low because I want this phase of my career behind me. I am very interested in helping someone building a small studio who needs a dimming system capable of utilizing "vintage incandescent lights".  I still have a 24 channel portable dimmer pack, on wheels, available along with lots of multi-cable with fan-outs and fan-ins to meet most any occasion. I also still have 250' of 2/0 feeder cable along with a few tungsten lights.  

 I'm primarily looking for one interested buyer who could utilize this equipment and am negotiable on pricing depending on the buyer's needs and circumstances.  

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