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  1. I worked with a number of young dps in their early to mid 20s as a focus puller on some commercials. They will remain nameless of course, but they don't even know what a working stop is. Everytime I asked what stop we were shooting, I would always get the ost look with an I dont know yet answers followed by looking at on board monitor to find the stop. No lighting, shaping etc is involved. These were real commercials with clients.. i never heard of a 22 year old "dp" during the film days... it took some expertise to get the image you wanted to get without looking at monitors etc. Go back to film sets, it was always lit. I find that more artful. Of course established cinematographers are excluded.
  2. In my humble opinion through observation is that nowadays all you need is to own a camera and a network of people to work as a cinematographer. I keep hearing productions hiring on the basis of what equipment is brought to table rather than just skill set. Nepotism was always the name of the game but with digital being so accessible and in a way easier to shoot than film, any person with a camera is a dp all of a sudden. This is not an ANTI-DIGITAL opinion by any means.
  3. It's unfortunate that it doesn't have remjet... I smell a stinker... I hope I am wrong!!
  4. I agree... s16 would be much better in terms of representing shooting on celluloid. I don't know why anyone would be happy with that kind of fuzzy result... no offense.
  5. Hipsters are at it again. He was talking about Kodak Gold as if it is a great stock. I would put up some Portra up there. It should have been shot on s16 to make it nice and sharp to make the younger generations see what could be achieved with film...
  6. I don't how well this will work, considering labs use ECN2... You could get it cross processed but that doesn't come without compromises...
  7. I would stick with traditional units as opposed to led for more punch and better color reproduction. It will be cheaper to rent too.
  8. Cool.. last time I dealt with u16 which is quite some time ago, it was only you guys and Cinelicious handling the format. Thanks for the update.
  9. Unfortunately, u16 really limits you in terms of post. You are bound to one or two labs that handle the format.
  10. Unfortunately, u16 really limits you in terms of post. You are bound to one or two labs that handle the format.
  11. Nikon r10 is great too.. I'm torn. I don't like the shutter angle on Beaulieus.
  12. Yes... 2008s frame rate goes from 16 to 25fps instead of 24. 4008 model shoots 24fps. I might just go with a 4008 since I don't want to deal with flickering etc under hmi lighting. I want to use the camera as if it's a 16 or 35mm camera with well executed and lit shots.
  13. I might be getting a Beaulieu 2008s with an Angenieux lens. 25fps aspect of it i dont like though.
  14. As far as portability and convenience goes, you could shoot on Canon Scoopic with all its auto features and small size and a sharp lens. Just my opinion of course.
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