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  1. Or just buy another one instead of dealing with headache...
  2. Also, though it's been a few years since I worked with an f55, I remember it being surprisingly lightweight despite its full size. It is actually balanced well on your shoulder. It feels like, with shoulder rigs etc., cameras don't sit as right on my shoulder as with full size cameras. And also the vf is very good on the Sony which is a delight to operate as opposed to monitors etc on c300 as their own viewfinder on the back is a joke...
  3. I would take the Sony. I worked with the f55s on quite a few commercials. I can guarantee you that the f55 has a better dynamic range than the c300s. And for the ergonomics, with the Sony, you could just lens the camera and put it on your shoulder; whereas, with Canon, you would have to build it to be able to put the camera on your shoulder. I personally prefer full size cameras under most circumstances - also a little bit of weight to cameras for better hand-held shots. Also, during their heyday, bigger productions would opt for an f55 as opposed to a c300. All my C300 shoots were low budget productions - mostly documentaries.
  4. Giray Izcan


    I would get 50d for sunny days and exteriors and 200t for studio lit environments and 500t for lowlight situations. As for a camera, this may sound like overreaching as a beginner but I would get a Nikon r10, if not, a Canon 1014xl and would get it refurbished. At the end, you'd be spending 800 or so but you would have afully refurbished and one of the most highly regarded s8 cameras - you would get the best possible picture in this format... more or less. It would be like a one time investment. I hope it helps.
  5. For color grading, yes, but for editing, I woukd go with Avid. Edit on Avid and color it on davinci afterwards.
  6. I would rate it at 25 ASA to mitigate for its age, and hope for the best. I'm guessing it isn't for a serious project.
  7. I would get a BL 4s with pitch control which is the same movement as the 535 cameras hence it's at the same quietness level as a 535. I would just start shooting projects on that camera instead of collecting film equipment. Having an MOS camera for certain applications is nice but, realistically, do you shoot high frame rates etc all the time which means that much more film stock as well? For most other conventional shooting style, a Moviecam Compact or a bl or a 535 style sync sound camera is all you need really. MOS cameras are too limiting in that sense if you want to own one. You get cornered with a loud camera. Surely, you can do adr etc but if you want a decent looping then it is a lot of money too and not to mention how much more complex it gets really.
  8. To give you an idea about the filmstock cost... 800 for 1000ft load which is 11 mins of runtime or recans are 62 cents per foot. And you still have the processing and transfer. All that expense, I wouldn't want to shoot on an unreliable camera myself.
  9. Pointless movie in my opinion... if I scratched off Tarantino's name and wrote a random name for the same movie, I doubt it would gain this much enthusiasm. There is definitely the it's a Tarantino film therefore I have to like it mentality. Talk to any young film school student, you'll get the Tarantino is the God's gift to us humans consensus. I don't care much for a director who copies everything from style to stories mixed in with a few tricks in each movie. I admire his passion and knowledge of film history but find his films very self-indulgent and pretentious. I am aware that I am speaking against the "Master" and I will get some reactions but oh well... Jackie Brown was my favorite Tarantino movie because it didn't have the usual Tarantino tricks like all other films of his. Let the public shunning begin... haha.
  10. Well it would have to be CLA'd before using it of course.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324594085495?hash=item4b9350ae77:g:1FoAAOSwL3hgiIWN
  12. If you shoot without an 85 outside, shadows will be a bit colder.
  13. Here is an example for 7219, r16 with Angenieux 12-120 at 2.8. It was scanned on Scanity at 4k. Both were scans from 1 light 16mm print so no DI finish. Password is suffragette Hope it helps.
  14. Here is an example for 7219, r16 with a Zeiss 10-100 lens. It was scanned on Scanity at 4k. Hope it helps.
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