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  1. For a camera like an SR, I would just get a video tap installed. It costs a bit but it's well worth it if you can afford it.
  2. You need bigger flags to control the spill as book light is a very soft source of light.
  3. Old Nikkors are fine lenses except for their mechanics. Firstly, focus throw is extremely short and the focus rotation is reversed as well, which is ok but it's still a factor for a lot of people. I suppose if you're shooting by yourself, then sure but, for a proper with a focus puller, they are not the easiest to work with. Surely, you can map it out with a remote follow focus and have a longer throw but still ... You could get them properly rehoused but it's neither cheap nor timely.
  4. Excellent work, great photography and a powerful story... well done..
  5. If you see more of the sky in a particular shot and want to preserve details, then add an nd and bring up the ambient levels or fill on talent, depending on the frame and angle, to compress the contrast to your camera's dynamic range.
  6. There is a device called tv sync box but I am not sure if you could use it with digital cameras. It was by Cinematagraphy Electronics. I suppose you could get one and take/send it to Andre for him to change the plug to whatever you want and then test. It should cost around 250-400 nowadays...
  7. How did you do sync sound? Is the camera crystallized? Great work!!!
  8. Phil, I bet the sound guy would be your best friend afterwards...haha
  9. Wow... it sort of looks like a timing issue almost.
  10. Nice... my go to stop is 2.8 for nights, interiors and 5.6-8 for day ext so I should be fine then. How are the index marks? Do they actually match tape measure?
  11. Xeen lenses... how do they perform at 2.8?
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