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  1. You could catch the backlight with a beadboard for a slight light in the face without getting obtrusive.
  2. I would just leave it like that and let the subject get silhouetted against the bright background.
  3. 7219 again from the same project. One light timed to color chart and nothing more.
  4. 7219 shot on Minolta xl84 in fully manual as I don't and will never use anything auto as part of a documentary.
  5. Very annoying. S8 can be remarkable but these people love the imperfections of the format... I never have any focus issues or shakes etc bc i treat it as a camera rather than a toy. I go for the colors and the tonality of the format. S8 could look like a painting almost if shot properly.
  6. I have to say. I'm sorry but there is nothing special about this music video's quality. It's very amateur like, which I know that's the intention, but this has to be one of the lower quality s8 clips out there. I've seen much more cinematic lloking s8 tests on vimeo even.S8 doesn't have to look muddy and shaky to a point it doesn't add anything but rather gets annoying. To me, it comes off as some hipster shooting with a s8 camera for that wow cool effect. If I have to be perfectly honest here.
  7. I wish the focus was better. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Essentially it is the camera that was good enough for Skyfall , blockbuster movies, most tv shows to name a few...
  9. That's all i shoot myself. Shoot 35, get a low con print and digitize that as opposed to doing di. It is a preference really. I'm saying in terms of video. Watch those cinematic documentaries from Discovery Channel about sea legends, about the pyramids back when Discovery Channel was known for high quality cinematic documentaries and tell me they don't look filmic. I'm talking about the ones that were shot on digi Beta or sp not the 16mm ones.
  10. Here is an example. Granted it is from years ago but imagine handling the material as you could with the available current technology... The picture look lovely to me in terms of colors and the general feel especially.
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