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  1. Hello, I'm in the pre-production of a feature film and would like some feedback on equipment. The film has many references of gay porn movies of the 70s and 80s, I believe that the majority filmed in 16mm, are films that I admire quite a lot for the vintage look and camera movement quite free, with camera in hand and zoom lenses. Wondering how to get this freedom of movement working with a Red Scarlet Dragon and a good zoom lens, could you tell me some lenses that are light? And how to work with them? Using only my hands could I get these results or would it be necessary to use some other equipment to control the zoom? Another issue, regarding the look, despite the references, I think the film would only approximate this vintage look, but not a complete copy, I believe it is important to think the image also about a contemporary look. Thinking about it, I got a lot of attention as the highlights and the flares behave in this movie Scorpion Rising, I'm in doubt as to how close to the result and how much post-production it would be if I wanted to have a similar look. I edited a few excerpts from the films so that you can see better, thank you. Sorry for google translator
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