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  1. Got it So, Single Frame: adapting the meter to 25fps (so essentially no change!) and for for 50fps adapting the meter to 70fps! Thank you!!
  2. Thank you! Does this mean that I should rate the 25fps shooting mode (1/70) by setting my meter to 32 or 36 f/s (it doesn't have the option of 35) ? This is kind of a new twist!
  3. According to the manual: "Exposures Real" + "Photometric" stats for Single frame is the same as 18FPS Would you say it's safe to measure according to this? A
  4. Thank you! My meter goes down to 2f/s, not one. Not sure why that is... I'm planning on doing one frame at a time. Not continuous I'll check with the manual on the shutter speed of the electric bolex OK, noted! Why is that?
  5. Hello there. Thank you for your reply 🙂 So, my plan is to shoot the single frame and slow motion and get it developed and transferred to 25fps. The reason i'm wondering is whether whilst shooting it might need another setting (for example, I will change the 25f/s to 50f/s) Not sure about the single frame and whether that will need any changes in the light meter. Yes, I have the ISO set to 200. I was told to overexpose the film a little bit.... Do you have another opinion? Happy to hear about it! a
  6. Hello there! Attaching my light meter and how is set when I shoot 250D 16mm on an Electric Bolex. I want to do single frame shooting and 50fps in my upcoming shoot. How should these different modes affect my meter? Many thanks! A
  7. Hello there. Before I upload a new grade, I think it might be useful to share my setup up Sharing the sRGB EIZO monitor setup and some information on the colour specs in Da Vinci... For now, I'm working only for an online prores/h264 export.
  8. Hello and thank you for the replies! In case I confused you, just to mention again that when I graded this, I was only using my Macbook screen. I don't have the Resolve settings in front of me but I can supply soonest possible! The vimeo (H264 export) link https://vimeo.com/457743955 (password: wednesday) is the export that I used for the DCP projection For the DCP I was asked to export a Quicktime, JPEG200, 2k DCI Flat, 250mb/s Now, for the new grade Currently, the settings of my EIZO monitor - attached in the image I can send you the sRGB settings as well tomorrow...
  9. Hello there! So over the last two years I've been making this film https://vimeo.com/457743955 (password: wednesday) on Super16mm. I had ordered for 2K flat scans and decided grade it myself..... ouch. It didn't go terribly wrong, but I've had my screening last week and noticed how my DCP's turned out too dark in the darks, too saturated at times, and too contrasty. Apart from not being a pro at grading I also graded on my MacBook screen. Not great, I know. Now that I'm back in London, the DCP people are giving me a free chance to make
  10. Hey Daniel! Thanks for this! I had no idea I have the studio version and will look into it when I commence the grade all over again! a
  11. Thank you Phil. It's really helpful to just a get reading from someone else. Yes, this last one you sent over with the histogram is def easier to manage (there was a home daylight lamp in the room so it's kind of ok, no orange tint --and the Cinelab technical grade in the transcodes is actually quite lovely. It's the (terminal) error of not using the lamp on all shoot dates that I'm struggling with but from what i'm getting, I should relax my expectations and try and do my best with it. I'm learning in the most silly way !! a
  12. I know 😞 I really don't have an excuse. it was a stupid idea not to get the light on all shoot days...
  13. Also, is there a tutorial video that deals with these issues taking into account 16mm film footage? MANY THANKS!
  14. Thank you Phil! I see what you are suggesting there! It's close to where I would push it as well. How would you describe what you did there? Is it tint and colour temperature (to put it roughly) The other detail of this project is as follows... I made some footage using the 250d and a daylight involved so I did get some footage that look decent. I have a feeling the orange footage will never come close to this though... What do you think? A
  15. Hi guys! I hope everyone is holding up ok. Grading nightmare below: I've shot a film with 250d and 500t rolls and in some cases (when using the 250d indoors and in low light) I got a orange tinted result (raw scan images attached) Now, I'm planning on grading this in da vinci. I'm not so sure I can do a massively good job because I've tried a few times and I always get up to a point where the image look ok but still not balanced enough to make me see past the grade (it looks very pushed) Have a look at these two screenshots... are they salvageable in your eyes?
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