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  1. Well with all the new releases at NAB I’m starting my search for the best rgb lights up again! Lots of cool stuff, especially the LiteMat Spectrum and DP Lumi Pro!
  2. Hey new user here! Fairly new to investing in lighting gear and wanted to get a few opinions on the best way to invest into some new RGB LED fixtures. I’m based in Atlanta and mostly DP and gaff low budget music videos, commercials, corporate videos and have dayplayed on a couple shows as a union electric. My budget is $4000 and leaning towards purchasing a single used Arri Skypanel S60-c for $4k. Is that worth spending my entire budget on? What other options would you recommend if not? Should I wait to gain more capital and invest in something bigger and better? Should I wait for the seemingly ever evolving LED technology to plateau? Really wanting my investment to be a desirable name brand light, preferably RGBWW, that productions would actually be interested in renting for an additional kit rental fee as well as useful for my own projects. Thanks in advance!
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