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  1. Wow,. My first ever post on Cinematography.com and Ive got every one stumped for an answer? I had know idea simple problems have such elusive answers....
  2. Is there a forum to do this? I can well imagine the aim is to avoid scams, time-wasters and much else (we're neither being recognised by the BFI, the BBC etc) but I want to make the request in the right place, the right forum and the right way? thanks B
  3. This is odd. My post disappeared. Fortunately I kept a copy . Trying again..... (third attempt) Im doing a faux-glamour shoot as part of a masterclass on camera rigs, flags, etc - using a warm LED 3m x 3m curtain light (about 200 lights) and of course Im getting a flicker but I cant change the lights. (its a cheap consumer light effect and of course that's the cause of the problem but I have to live and work with this as Im using this as a background effect so I can get a starfield sort of effect - and have it defocussed behind the subject for bokeh) I tend to shoot 24fps progressive onto Prores444 10bit with c500 and odyssey 7q Can I get some suggestions of loosing the god awful flicker IN CAMERA? I had/have 180 degree shutter and tried clearscan setting on the c500 but just get stuttered motion. Any thoughts welcome? Ditching the leds and constructing a 3m x 3m black cardboard sheet with holes punched is not even on the menu) https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61p74O5Nc%2BL._SX425_.jpg
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