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  1. After emailing around, it seems to be a costly and common issue where the dial contacts break or wear out. The difficult part comes from getting to the dial which requires freeing the PCB from a nest of wires and soldered on contacts. According to one person I talked to, a "donor" board is required to fix the problem but unless the issue involves some sort of proprietary or obsolete IC, I don't think that would be the case. I found a dead link to a site with visual guide to get into the 1014 XL-S and (sort of) how to perform the repair. Fortunately it was archived and I could visit it with the Wayback Machine. Here's the link in case anyone needs it: https://web.archive.org/web/20170915060308/http://www.nakanocam.com/8mm_page/canon1014xl-sfps.html
  2. Hello. I just picked up a Canon 1014 xls and it seems like the frame rate is stuck. The gate speed does not change when I turn the dial however the slow motion button does work when pressed. I didn't see this issue with any other camera on the forum. Anyone have any insight? I believe it's stuck at 9 fps
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