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  1. Hello! I have recently acquired a Canon1014xl-s super8 camera and I am trying to familiarise myself with all the various buttons and functions before using any film. I believe that the lap dissolve button might be jamming because when I hold down the record button, press upwards the fade lever and press in the lap dissolve button there are lots of strange whirring noises, which i am not sure is normal. When i press the record lever again sometimes the lap dissolve button does not pop out makes additional strange whirring noises. It sounds as though the footage rewinds based on the noise but the film prongs(?) dont move clockwise or anticlockwise (for the rewinding). Is this meant to happen? Is anyone able to explain exactly how lap dissolve should work/sound? Thanks 🙂 Harriet
  2. Hi there! I am a complete newbie to Super8 and managed to get my hands on a Canon 1014 xl-s for my birthday! I have been reading up a bunch on this camera and have a couple o questions before experimenting! 1) The R-RL button on the handle appears to be stuck on the R side and wont slide across to the RL side on the left. Can this button only be moved when film is loaded or is it in fact stuck and broken? 2) I have read a lot of posts about wanting to overexpose super8 footage when using kodak vision3 negative film. How exactly does one go about changing the fstop by 2/3 - 1 on this camera? I notice a dial on the right hand side beside the handle with a small +1 and -1 symbol, can this be used to change the aperture and overexpose the footage? 3) I have a roll of Vision3 50D to use as a test roll. What would be some recommended shots or complete test sequence to take to make sure everything is in working order? 4) Is it recommended to use 50D inside with a 80 filter or is 200T much better for indoor and outdoor versatility? Thanks so much for any and all help!
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