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  1. Hello, Below I've attached a picture of what comes out of the sdi from my aaton xtr prod. The image is missing the right edge of frame and its framelines. I tried to rotate the beamsplitter but it doesn't quite help, i see the picture moving but not much. Should i disassemble the elements covering the CCD and have a look there or there's nothing much to do? There's a brief explanation in the user manual about placing the ccd there, but i'm not sure if there are possibilities to adjust or fine tune that, so i'd rather ask if someone had any experience with it. P.S. Image is a screenshot of footage recorded with a shogun recorder, i used a small device that transforms sd signal to hd, however there's no difference if i feed the signal to a propper SD monitor. As well it's not because of scan aspect ratio Thanks Best
  2. Thanks to all of you 😉 I wonder about the V-Mount /15 - 16v/ batteries, would there be a problem with keeping the frame rate consistent if it has more than 13-14V? Anyone had some experience?
  3. I'll be using an Aaton XTR Prod for a feature this summer. The camera has 3 batteries, of which only one is in usable condition. All manage to run the camera ok but if i start using the video assist they all drain quite quick. The user manual says all power sources that are 12V are ok. I would like to replace those ones and output a d-tap somewhere so i could power additional accessories. Any ideas on a solution? I could contact a service center and ask them about the power requirements of the camera but i don't know who deals with these cameras recently. Is it ok to use some V-Lock batteries somehow? thanks I
  4. Hi Tyler, Will post pictures somehow.. 🙂 Blades don't quite feel good. One of them isn't attached to the ring that rotates them. It's missing its little thing that I have no clue whats it called in English, but it holds it (one of the blades) tight on the small pin, lets imagine it's resembling a crabs claw :). By what I see, I can place the ring with the blades below the ring that rotates them ( the one that has the plug for the heating) and then mechanically it works if I rotate it, but the holes for the screws don't quite match. By that I mean... I can manage to screw the element with the plug directly to the viewfinders base, without the blades, because when I assemble the blades element the holes don't align. So It's really a matter of how its actually assembled or if I'm missing some parts. Which I am for sure. For instance the rubber eyepiece element, which goes on top of the rotating element with the plug for heating, for sure is missing it's thing that holds it there. I was hoping its on some sort of thread, but no... I will have to use gaff tape for that for sure 🙂
  5. Hi Folks, I've got my hands on an Aaton XTR Prod and I'm trying to assemble it's precious viewfinder. Gafftape solution is killing me... There seems to be something missing... It consists of three parts.. 1 The rubber for the eye. 2. The rotating ring, which has the heating element in it. 3 . The blades, that shade the hole. I can't seem to figure out how are they fitted together and into the base of the eyepiece. It has only two holes for screws.. Will try to add pictures of this struggle Cheers
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