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  1. got it sorted, 1 of the ribbon cables to the display board had a connector corroded from a battery leak too long in storage! anyhow thanks for your help. Mark the tech manual is useful going forward, although I do hope I won't need it! cheers Robert
  2. thats great, Im quite used to working through German technical drawings (translator gets heavily used) many thanks for your help email is rmccormick174@gmail.com we transfer is quite good at sending files, I use it a lot best. Robert
  3. thanks for the reply The machine is working mostly, lamp, winding etc, its the tape counter display, which is identified by the 'hello' message when powering up, which is dead. I have swopped the display into a working machine and its working, also the display board on LHS of machine has been swopped and its ok as well, I have checked all the fuses I can see and they are ok. Im now down to figuring out how the various plugin boards may play their part in supplying power to the tape counter display so ideally a set of schematics/technical drawings for the machine would let me wor
  4. I am trying to fix a fault on a Steenbeck ST1901, the 'hello' display is not working, I suspect a power supply problem, but I cannot find any drawings or details of the plugin boards on the internet. does anyone know where I can find this type of information? I can find info for the older 1900 but the 1901 has basic info on operation only. many thanks for any help Robert
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