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  1. I'll try this too, but first I tried the "Hairspray on PolFilter" Trick and: nice! Just a little bit too much.
  2. Correction of myself: "I think nobody ran with analog 16 or 35mm cameras to this event." and I found my camera
  3. I'm trying to reproduce that look while I'm learning how and why this look was created. In August there's an event called "Zug der Liebe" which is translated with "train of love" which can be seen as the Loveparade 2.0 in Berlin. This year, me and a friend traveling with my both BVW-300 to this event and we want to create a video like the Loveparade 1995 video. I know, I know. I think the way of this video was something like: Recorded on BetaSP, aired, recieved via analog tv, recorded on VHS, digitized many years after recording, converted and converted and converted and uploaded to youtube. The distortion you mentioned pretty looks like VHS after 15-20 years. This could all be possible, yes. We simply can't know that. But I don't think it's digibeta. I can hear the boss saying to the cameraman "Don't you take that expensive new thing to this event. Here, take that old think, it's not a big problem if you break it." simply, yes. I don't want to change the format in the near future because that Betacam things were cheap, but I already spent much time in the restoration of these cameras and got now (after a half year) everything to work. I'm asking this because I want to be prepared on this event and not going home and find out that everything is wrong and the whole day was recorded like crap.
  4. Hi, I’m Maik from Germany and I’m producing 90s rave music with that old hardware from that era. I started wondering about the music videos from that era and how they were made. I know this topic isn't here for the first time, but my questions are more special I think. Googled and google and found out: most of that music videos were captured on analog film and / or maybe Betacam SP. I decided to use Betacam SP format because the whole set (Camera, Recorder, Tapes) was cheap. I got 2x Sony Betacam SP BVW-300AP and a Sony Digital Betacam Recorder DVW-A500P, playing back through SDI into my Blackmagic Card. There would not be a big loss in that workflow. Now I started analyzing things. What I want to do: This video is the role model: The loveparade documentary in 1995. It was a television broadcast production and I think this should be BetaSP because this was the standard broadcast format at that time. The characteristics are mainly the same, the camera movement fits to this monster on a shoulder, the zoom behaviour, the slo-mo parts are typical dynamic tracking / half speed and last but not least: I think nobody ran with analog 16 or 35mm cameras to this event. Starting with the first shot: We see those leaves in the shadow, covered in blue. Everything that should be black in this video is simply blue. (missing UV filter?) In the background over the sea obviously a lot of fog appears, but I think there was no fog? next shots: Again very foggy, flat looking, the black things are blue. Third Shot: The water is a mess. I simply don’t know how to describe it but I think everybody knows what I mean. Here we have a shot of castle Bellevue. Compared with “Dune – Hardcore Vibes” (1995) Intro shot. I think there are some equalities between the videos from Loveparade and Dune. The flat-looking structure of the building is nearby the same, but the color is very different. Next Shot from Dune: The whole video is covered in a more blue look, black parts are blue, even the green leaves and trees in the background are more blue than green and very washed out. I know there was some post production done, but the base material won't look that different I think. The whole video could not have been much different. Now I went with my camera into the forest at a normal sunny day, used filter 5600K and I got this: But, no shiny fog effect at all. At least, a very good picture with a camera of that age. Another shot from the Loveparade video: I think this is mostly destroyed by VHS and Youtube, but we have a very colorful shot with blue tint but no (strong) fog effect. Then this shot: Is it even possible to have more fog effect in some video? So at a high range, there appears some fog at sunny days? Switching to Haddaway – What is love (diffused, foggy, old 90s look) Magic Affair – Omen 3 (same) Again: The black parts in this video are blueish. Next shot was at a local club, filmed with my Betacam. The auditorium was covered in red and blue, the stage in red. The black parts should now have a blue tint. Used Filter 1: 3200K Not as much as blue as I wanted, but I tried the 3200K filter outdoor at a cloudy day: This is no cool effect, this is simply bad white balance. Try again. But in this video I found the first similarity to the Loveparade Video: Water (besides the bad white balance) Back to the sunny day at the forest with the 5600K filter I tried to catch up this foggy look. But if I can only achieve this through high distance, how was this shot made? The foreground is already foggy. The hole shot is foggy. And I think this wasn’t as much as bright as in a forest on a sunny day and I don’t think they used a fog maschine either. My question is simply: Is there any possibility to influence these effects? And if so, how?
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