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  1. Hello all, This is my first post on the forum, so first of all a big thanks for everything that I've learned from just lurking and reading here. I have a shoot coming up that will feature a trio of seated classical musicians and a ballet dancer in this studio space below. I'd like to get some advice on the best approach to augmenting the natural light in the space. Obviously, given the size of the space and the need for quite a bit of soft fill to bring exposure up, I'll need some large sources, but I'm new to trying to light spaces this big thus my post. I haven't yet finalized my thoughts in terms of placing the ensemble and dancer, but I'd love to hear thoughts on that as well based on what you see in the stills. Keeping every last bit of detail outside of the windows from blowing out is not the biggest priority, but I'd love to work with the way the windows shape the room and the way the light is motivated. I have a lighting budget of around $1500 for the gear rental. Is this possible? Thanks in advance!
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