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  1. Hi there, Looking for a spot of advice to help with my line of thinking. I'm about to start the second block on an indie horror soon and a lot of the upcoming scenes are in a series of caves with no natural light/scenes dictate darkness. I was just wondering if people had any thoughts about approaches to still get light in the scene for exposure but still maintain a dark and isolated feel without all my background just falling into blackness. It's a first time for me working in such environments so I'm just trying to not miss any obvious solutions and open myself up to any possibilities. My own thoughts are for blanket soft light throughout to get an exposure and then have a few highlights and modeling as and when needed (point out background, modelling for talent etc) that and probably shoot a few stops under. but I'm curious what people's thoughts are? Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you can help or shine any light (excuse the pun) I'd love to hear from you. Got the recce tomorrow so I'll have a clearer idea of locations then. Thanks again Ste
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