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  1. Yeah, i'm thinking the same, but switching cameras would take a while. I'll figure something out for now, but yes, it'll be inevitable. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, im new here, and i'd like some advice. I own a Canon 6d + 24-105mm, and i'm going to shoot a music video for a hip hop/trap artist. I've only shot a hardcore punk music video, and it was very fast paced and with several cuts. This time it seems to be different. Upon searching references, such as Post Malone, Travis Scott, etc, most, if not all videos rely heavily on slow motion scenes. Even the song the artist sent me is much calmer and sort of romatic than the others. But since the 6d can't shoot faster than 30fps at 1080p (if can with magic lantern, but the tests i made d
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